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No Sign of Life (But I Got A Hunch It’s Not Over Yet)
by ridakulous

"Some nights, Quinn thinks of Yale. She knows it’s the absolute worst thing she can do at two in the morning, taunting herself with images of what-ifs and the future, but she can’t help it."




the luteces calmly dealing with booker’s shit


Eternity | Thomas Conrad


"Just a Lego Girl"

"Being Poor Is the Pitts"


or, Bella’s Attempt to Beg Money from her amazing beautiful Tumblr Followers.


I realize how long this is. Please read it anyway. I’m also going to make a tag “bella needs your help” on my tumblr and I’ll keep you posted. I know the idea of this having any sort of reaction is so small but IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN. I need this to have hundreds of notes. It needs to be said.



I hate the idea of doing this with every fiber of my being. And it’s a completely self-inflicted problem. If any of my friends asked me to borrow money just on video games and booze, or pizza, or literally anything, I’d give them money with no problem. (And, to be honest, maybe that’s part of the reason why I’m in this mess to begin with.)

What mess, Bella?

A few years ago, I was in a car accident. Because of that, I had to buy a new car. Instead of using the insurance money to buy a used car completely, I was nudged and convinced by a car salesman to buy a used car and continue to pay it off. This was a mistake. Since then, I’ve had jobs that pay me little to nothing. This isn’t a problem unique to me. But what happens from that is that I pay things at the expense of other things. If I pay my phone bill, my car insurance gets impatient. If I pay my car insurance, my car payment calls once a day. If I pay off my car, my phone gets cut off.

Oh, and if I buy food, pretty much everything goes out the window.

I’m blessed enough to be living under a roof where I don’t have to pay rent, outside of running errands for my sister, otherwise I don’t know what sort of life I’d be living at this point.

Well, that’s sad. But what’s wrong now?

I thought I was balancing everything better than I actually was. Monday afternoon, I came home to a letter from my car financing saying that if I don’t pay the rest of the car loan off, they will take my car.

To give perspective, my job is a delivery driver. If I lose my car, I lose my job. They ~might~ give me an inshop position, but that’s unlikely. Also, considering almost a hundred percent of what I provide for to my rent-free living is car based (driving sister to school, going to the store, etc), as much as they say otherwise I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to live here. So I’ll lose my car, job, and home in the blink of an eye.


Shit indeed, vague disembodied bold voice. But, there’s hope. (Okay, no, there isn’t.) But this is where I’m at right now.

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Slowly cackles as everyone reads the zombie fic I forced Molly to read at Sunday chat.


The Gather Your Party screen, with some companion icons.