But why listen to dude rappers when lady rappers exist???


I shouldn’t be the superhero’s girlfriend. I should be the superhero.”

In the pines, in the pines where the sun never shines


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but what if

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Anonymous said:
Do you think you'll ever be able to ship Karmy?  


i might, if the show gives me good enough reason to. right now i barely even ship them as friends. there’s a lot of dishonesty and imbalance between them; karma constantly begs amy to make these sacrifices for her and amy does, time and time again, regardless of how uncomfortable she is with the situation, and all she gets in return is updates about how much karma wants to jump liam’s bones.

the one moment during the paleyfest panel where i completely balked at my screen was when carter said the karmy friendship was “perfect,” because like… no, it’s NOT. karma (probably unintentionally) treats amy like shit, and gets away with it because when you’re in love with your best friend you’ll let them do just about anything to you as long as it means they’re still around.

if amy and karma could sit down at some point this season (or eventually) and just fucking talk to each other—honestly, compassionately, and without judgment—and learn from their mistakes and how to meet each other halfway instead of karma calling all the shots; then i’d think about shipping them, whether platonically or romantically.


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