Anonymous said:
I thought you weren't particularly fond of beer, yourself?  



Over the past 7~8 months my tastebuds have changed dramatically. I drink just about every beer that isn’t an IPA or shitty as fuck (miller, bud, pbr, etc) pretty regularly now.

Wow. Your taste buds really have made quite a change.

Yes indeed. You wouldn’t believe my fridge was mine just looking at it.

Anonymous said:
i used to be a glee blog too, and ive been following you alooong time ago, was just wondering do you still ship faberry?  

Faberry is eternal buddy you can’t just stop it stays with you for life.

Anonymous said:
What game were you waiting for and ended up being disappointed by?  

It’s an action RPG called Dragon’s Dogma, made by capcom. I’ve seen it on the shelves for awhile and it was finally lowered to a price I can consciously pay for video games ((I don’t make a lot of money and bills come first)).

The leveling system basically shouldn’t exist because it adds nothing to the character other than a minor stat boost and it took me 8 levels of quest grinding and roaming around looking for monsters just to be able to afford ONE skill for my character. Fighting anything other than bosses was bland and boring, and my character did little to no damage on mobs, even with three other npcs there to help, and couldn’t tank hits even though it was a sword and board class.

Anonymous said:
What's the best game for Xbox, in your opinion?  

THAT IS NOT SOMETHING I CAN ANSWER. I can give you a best in genre thing but I mean xbox games range from rockband to fps to rpgs to arcade games I mean how do you pick ONE GAME. They are all so different and judged differently I mean fuckin’ christ buddy.

As far as my favorite to play/replay/recommend, I’d say the Gears of War franchise.

Anonymous said:
I don't have dysphoria, just "social" dysphoria: some days I want a low T dose more than anything & other days I'm TERRIFIED of it. I use neutral pronouns & just wish I had a more concrete, binary gender. This is not a question I just needed to VENT.  

Vent away

bellamarion said:
I know I'm totally late to the "party" (get it? huh? get it?), but I just want to tell all of your followers that I WENT TO A PARTY AT DAK'S HOUSE AND IT WAS AWESOME AND WE BONDED HA HA HA. (Sometimes, mean Bella emerges. This question was meant to thank you but I went to that place.) Anyway, <3  


Anonymous said:
I have a question about receiving T, and I hope that I'm not overstepping or being offensive in any way, because that's not what I want to do. I was just wondering that if you began getting it, and then had to stop for whatever reason, would the effects of the T be reversed? I apologize very deeply in advance if I've offended you in any way.  

There is nothing offensive about this buddy.

When you start on HRT, no matter the ‘type’ you start on, it is something you have to do for the rest of your life. You’re working to “replace” (hence the name hormone replacement therapy/treatment) the estrogen in your body with testosterone. This is a temporary replacement, not a permanent one. Whether you are on T for ten weeks or ten years, once you stop taking it, the process with “revert” in a way.

Periods would start back up, body fat can be redistributed, voice would lighten, etc. Depending on how long you are on T contributes to how much things would “reverse”.  Not everything will be able to change back. It’s one of the main reasons that (at least in my state) you have to jump through so many hoops just to get on T.

Let me link you to a fantastic web resource every transman should have right here. That’s one of the ways I self educated myself about the entire process.

hotsingleinurarea said: it sounds like a lifetime movie????

Not lifetime it’s on netflix though.


Anonymous said:
fellow ftm here: do you consciously lower your voice/octave or is that part of the meds? I'm still trying to get to someone who can prescribe the meds around here, so I'm just wondering how it's happening for you.  

Heyo buddy. Yes, I consciously lower my voice. I’ve done it for so long I do it without thinking now, but my “natural” (hah) voice is a lot higher.

HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for FTMs is thankfully only one thing, testosterone. It’s very important to be well informed on what T will do your body! Here’s a small list

There are also other reported changes, like face shape and such, but those are pretty much the changes that happen. Learn about them all! Not everything is positive, but that’s okay.

Every state has a completely different process, but I can explain how it works over here in hell Florida. First, you have to go to a counselor. They have to be trained with LGBT issues, because they have to submit a board (WPATH).

They have to dive into your past in excruciating detail. They need to know everything about your family life, your support system, your self awareness, your identity, everything. They need to know everything about your sex life. Everything. The first time you saw porn/masturbated to your most recent sexual exploits.

After you get your leader written up, you have to go get blood work done. You need to get everything done, usually 4-5 vials are necessary. Lipids, Cholesterol, get everything done.

After that, you have to get referred to an endocrinologist. This sucks, especially with the area of N. Florida I live in. This Endo is my third endo, the first two refused to see me. It really fuckin’ blows, but you’ll find someone who will take you. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure how many endocrinologist visits I have to go to in order to get a prescription for T, but once I do you just go to your pharmacy. The same types of T they give you are used for treating bio-men with low T issues.

Anonymous said:
Are you interested in watching Orphan Black? I recommend you should.  

I’ve seen a lot of people like it in my dash, but it just didn’t interest me? All I know about it is clones and science girlfriends, but I’m not looking for new TV right now. Too much on my plate.