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can you give a little more description on how being on T has affected you? I've been looking into it for myself (kind of afraid tbh) and I want to know how it affects you emotionally/physiologically/mentally, and how has it changed your face and body? sorry if this is so personal T.T and I didn't see it in the FAQ so I hope this is all okay to ask. thank you!!  

You’re good anonski!


I just want to preface this with a a couple of notes. Testosterone is serious business. Once you start taking T, there will be some changes that are completely permanent. It’s okay to be afraid of it, because that means you’ve done or are doing your research, and that is so incredibly important when it comes to physically transitioning. I also want to make note that every single person has a different response to T! It’s all about your body, man. T will not cure any problems you have beforehand, INCLUDING issues with accepting and loving your body.

It’s extremely important to talk to someone who is licensed to guide you through the mental and physical process as well as your own personal support system. In the state of Florida you have to get a very, very specific letter written to WPATH standards by a licensed psychologist. I was already presenting/passing in public before I started taking T, had ‘come out’ to family, friends, teachers, etc. and it still took me about 3~4 months to get my letter, which is a good thing. This isn’t a decision to rush into.

This is going to be personal, so if you don’t want to know details about me please don’t read this.

Okay, I’m done with the safety stickers. 

I started T July 1st, 2013, so I’m coming up on my year anniversy soon! The first major effects of T take at least THREE MONTHS to set in. It isn’t a miracle cure and it’s a lot of trial and error with your endocrinologist (and by proxy a lot of blood testing) to get your dosage right.

Alright. The first thing I’m going to talk about is BODY HAIR. Before transition I could barely, sort of grow some peach fuzz, and had generic stomach, genital, legs, arms and armpit hair. Now, I am what the gay bros call a bear cub. I have full chest hair from the sides of my chest, think there your shoulder is but down to chest level, to the center. It connects with my stomach hair as well. I have butt hair. A lot of it. I don’t like it but my girlfriend thinks it’s cute so idc. I also have lower back hair and very light upper back hair. I fucking hate my back hair, but it isn’t a real problem since I’m blonde and don’t need to shave it until it comes in thick. I’ve also noticed more hair on my arms.

As far as facial hair goes, I am about one or two steps away from a full beard, which is awesome (will try to get some pics up this week if you want) and I have a mustache. Like I said, my hair is blonde/ginger so it grows in lighter (unfortunately) but my facial hair is highly noticeable.

My hairline is a bit higher. Some guys can get male patterned baldness, but I do not have anything like that.

VOICE!!! The exciting part tbh. My voice is way lower, and has finally stopped cracking. You’re basically going through puberty. You know those shitty feel good family movies with the blank-teen year old son gets embarrassed and then he goes to yell in protest and his voice just CRACKS. I’ve had that happen like half a dozen time. I have also been told quite rudely by my girlfriend that my voice is too deep for Ke$ha, but fuck that man my sexy deep voice goes good with any music artist (I AM LOOKIN AT YOU ALICIA KEYS I CAN’T DO THAT SHIT MANG)


yes, genitals. Skip this if you’re grossed out alright it’s cool.

Your junk is going to grow, significantly. it gets bigger and you are turned on ALL of the time. If you rub against your shorts the wrong way, you are turned on. If a light breezes goes past you, you are turned on. You cannot escape from it. You will grow some nice forearm/wrist muscles. Own it man.

Some dudes kind of get too dry, and others get way too wet. There isn’t a fun middle ground, so expect either or. Your ‘shark week’ will stop after about 2~3 months.


I have always had a strong jaw line, but I think my face shape has changed a little. I’ve put on some weight because of other issues, but I still have obviously more defined features, especially around the jaw area.


my skin is more oily. I break out a lot more easier. My palms are roughly, and as a general whole my skin is less soft than it used to be. My “scent” is different. When I sweat, I smell a lot more musky, and have to avoid musky cologne and body wash at all costs or I smell like a high school locker room


My arms are more cut. My neck is thicker. My shoulders, which were broad before, are like a goddamn skyline with the added muscle. Body weight has shifted slightly and a hold fat in different areas. Stockier looking. I eat more because I feel hungry/more energy.


I am much more aggressive. No matter what temperament you have you will become more aggressive. I’m a pretty mellow guy but there is a noticeable change. You will have a shorter fuse, and your fuse will be more explosive. PERSONALLY: I can notice when something that used to be fine is going to anger me. I have to watch myself sometimes, but I don’t lash out any more than before, and have actually found better self-control. The first 2~3 months were kind of rough but you learn to reel it back in.

Your sex drive will be through the roof, and I’m told you will be more dominant in bed. I don’t feel like discussing my sex life.

It’s easier to make decisions. I’ve always been able to compartmentalize my thoughts well, but it became easier. Emotions and feelings are easier to separate from logic. Idea number one does not have to touch idea number two.  I am more dominant (if that is possible), and like to wave my dick around more when I feel challenged by another guy. I feel like I have to be in control, and have a hard time letting others have control of my actions. If I try to play less dominant, I get jittery and nervous energy. I get jealous a bit more quickly, but it doesn’t have an effect on my day-to-day life.

Thankfully, I do not have bad mood swings. Some guys on T can get them really bad, especially if there is pre-existing chronic depression. T is not a cure for mental illness and issues in your life already!

If any of my friends want to chime in on this, please do. You gotta remember, anonski, how I see myself is different from how other people see me, but I’m doing my best here.

Let me know if I uh, welp missed anything anonski.

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There was boob grabbing??  

otp: boob grabbing 101 and the ship Amen (Amy/Lauren) comes from Kelsey’s Fanfic and not canon.

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Oh I like you a LOT.  

I like me a lot too man. Kelsey and I will run this fandom straight into the heavens CAN I GET AN AMEN

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FABERRY, spicy things, The Last of Us online, RPing, and serving up a big can of knowledge to idiots, and Nathan Fillion.  

I double approve of this post.

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Hot sauce, beer, swtor... Well any awesome video game, DND, ginger beard, rps, brownies, annoying as fuck, lame jokes, umm that's all for now.  


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Faberry, Sharks, Badassery, Pure awesomeness, and Superheros  

I approve of this list.

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It's funny that you mention Shane's giving advice because I think that contributes partially to the situation that Amy finds herself in. I can't really explain what I mean here but it's like he's unknowingly fanning the flames of this disaster that is Karmy. Not that it wasn't toxic before because it really was, but he kind of gives Amy an increase in hope for something that might not actually happen, especially in the last few episodes where it's running counterpoint against Kiam.  

Because Shane is the only beacon of gay in Amy’s life, she will literally latch on to anything that right now that he says. That’s one of the main reasons I want Amy to have an Actual Real Life Lesbian™ in her life. Instead, she gets some cis white gay dude in her life who apparently knows any and everything about being gay (because who else is there??).

Reading the GBF trope and Magical Queer is like a Shane bio.

intheforestofthenight said:
For some reason I've never actually considered Finn but that's probably because I try not to think about him but yeah, makes more sense. I wasn't comparing it on that level though. I was more looking at how the writers have portrayed Liam's backstory with regards to his family but I will admit that I might be stretching on that. Veering away from that, though, I'd like to get your thoughts on Shane.  

Just comparing Liam to any half decent character makes my skin crawl, and Quinn Fabray is one of the most complex characters out there, even though she wasn’t supposed to be written as such.

My feelings on Shane are very mixed. On one hand, hooray representation and snarky one-liners. It’s nice for Amy to have a gay friend (although he’s never around and dispenses random advice that makes no sense and also why couldn’t she have a lesbian friend??) and he’s got some of the best written lines in the show, aside from Amy. He also does seem to care what happens to his friends.

I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie G.B.F. starring Michael J. Willett (Shane) but Shane is basically a copy paste from that show and while G.B.F. tried to poke fun at the issue Faking It is not.

Shane is super problematic when you go beneath the funny one-liners and sort-of-there main character support. The writers use a ton of negative sterotypes, add in some more stereotypes and presto, you have Shane.

The biggest issues are Shane’s promiscuity, lack of substance, and the way he’s used in scenes.

First off, the whole young gay men can’t date can’t settle down and are extremely promiscuous (usually to the point of danger and life-risking) is not the route the shower writers should have gone. Educated people know that not all gay men are like this, but the percentage of people who take a gender and sexuality class in college (or go to college) is incredibly thin.  Do you know of any dudes in high school who want to settle down and have a family? No. But het dudes don’t have the nasty stereotypes that gay men do, and putting one gay character in a television show and using harmful stereotypes just propagates these ideas that gay men are hedonistic, untrustworthy and dangerous, which is the opposite of what we want. The only other gay dude we’ve seen is a Super Christian and he was also a dancer and into fashion, how uncliche.

Shane is only there for the betterment of his “friends” or lack thereof with Lauren. He does not have any agency in the show besides his apparent sexual agency, and only shows up when main characters (MC) need some GBF (gay best friend, I didn’t clarify that earlier) advice. You can’t name a single Shane storyline that does not involve one of the MCS or their family. That is a problem! I mean at this point Liam has more of a character back story than Shane does. He’s used as a prop for all of the other characters and when you take them away, there is no Shane left! The GBF thing is so overdone, and another obnoxious stereotype (granted the movie G.B.F. touched on that too) and I want to like his character so much but there’s nothing there to like. 

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I found your hate for Liam awesome. The actor isn't that much of good, and the character is very lame, very close to Edward Cullen. Now my question, if you had the chance to kick somebody in the nads and they let you choose between Finn, Blaine and Liam, who would you pick?  

I can’t say I hate Liam because it would be like hating a picture of some dude in a fedora with MRA propaganda in the background… you might hate the principles of what the picture stands for but the picture as a whole is flat and not a real thing (much like Liam’s character).

If I had the chance to kick someone in the nads it would be Ryan Murphy uhhh I guess it would have to be Finn and Blaine at the same time because I have two legs? Uh I guess if I had to choose though it would be Blaine because Finn was often portrayed as too stupid for basic hygeine and human decency while Blaine knew all of the stuff he was doing and did it anyway?