When people say they loved Rose Tyler in series 1, but didn’t like her in series 2 because she became “too clingy”, I honestly have to wonder what show they were watching.

The whole “clingy” thing seems like something someone said one time and then it spread like fire around fandom because people were like “ah yes! a word I can use to justify my Rose Hate!” Who cares if it makes sense in light of actual plots an characterization?

rose wanted to be with the man she loved doing the thing she loved instead of going home to marry her high school boyfriend and live with her mom forever, what a clingy bitch

"Episode 4 saw the words Bad Wolf appear for the first time. I just made it up on a whim, cos I liked the idea of the TARDIS being graffiti’d. But then I spent the rest of the episode idly wondering who that kid was, why he wrote those odd words. And, having dismissed notions of Evil Super Villain Kid, a plan began to form, in mid-production. Knowing that Rose would become the Time Goddess at the end of the series, I wondered if a Time Goddess would imprint herself on the universe, creating things in her image, like the face of Jesus in a bagel. Better still, these signs would actually summon her into existence. That’s the sort of thing you think about in this job, late at night. And then I worked backwards, inserting Bad Wolf references into almost every script. Funnily enough, I never told anyone what I was doing, in case it didn’t work, but the design department picked up on it—they didn’t even ask what it meant, they just offered to stencil it on Captain Jack’s bomb, in German. The idea spread without anyone knowing what it meant. Which is very Bad Wolf in itself."
— Russell T Davies, Doctor Who: The Shooting Scripts (via timelordsandladies)

are you afraid of the big bad wolf, doctor?


Whenever she hugged him, she would always tuck her face right against his warm shoulder, and the scent of him would surround her. So when she sees him again, after all that time, after all that searching, when he tells her it’s really him… she doesn’t quite believe it, until her head tips down and her nose brushes the warm brown fabric and she breathes in deep, and she smells it… home.



Bloody autocorrect

Doctor Who Series 2: The Impossible Planet


She is returning.

2/∞ amount of dw stills and episodes